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BB Advocacy Talk: Freedom from torture

One of our BB Advocates, Charles Dotou, shares his story in schools and businesses about life in Senegal as a medical doctor, what caused him to flee his hometown, his process as an asylum seeker and his experience as a refugee settling into the UK.

– BB Advocate, Charles Dotou

How can hosting a BB Advocacy Talk help?


We pay all our Advocates. Hosting a talk provides income and useful work experience.


Educate your pupils and staff about issues refugees face through a first-hand story.


Showcase the work your business is doing with BB to your staff and clients.


Find out if you might want to start directly supporting a refugee through BB’s work.

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What our corporate partners think of BB Advocacy.

Luke Archer

Senior Marketing Associate

"Charles coming to speak at our office was a privilege. His talk brought to life the (many) challenges of a refugee arriving in Britain, and led to a large spike in the number of people wanting to volunteer with Breaking Barriers directly. He is an excellent speaker, and it is hard not to be inspired by his story – we would recommend listening to it to anyone."

Kelly Hartman

Global Chief People Officer at Kambi

"Through Matt's work, he is making a real difference in the world by helping skilled refugees gain employment in the UK legally. I invited Matt to speak to our employees one afternoon. It was a full house, our employees were truly engaged, with our CEO and rest of the Execs attending. Matt is authentic, a natural motivational speaker and inspires people from all walks of life, from grads to C-Suite executives of all backgrounds and cultures to do more for the the world to make it a better place. I'm in awe of Matt has achieved as were our team at Kambi. Matt is a remarkable young man"