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Supporting refugees into retail

Breaking Barriers has launched the Customer Service Course in partnership with IKEA to support refugees into long-term sustained employment across a variety of careers. The programme is replicable and scalable, not just across the UK, but globally.

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Our Founding Partner

IKEA Group’s vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people and we offer well
designed, functional and affordable, high quality home furnishing, produced with care for people
and the environment.

IKEA wants to contribute to creating a fair and equal society by enabling millions to live well
within the limits of one planet. No matter where we operate, they will actively support human
rights and stand up for equality. This means siding with the many people, especially those
experiencing poverty and disadvantages in society, and having a positive impact in the
communities they call home. Their emerging partnership with the registered charity Breaking
Barriers will help them begin to fulfil on their ambitions to support the global refugee crisis in our
local market as well as to contribute to better and sustainable livelihoods for all those facing
barriers to employment.

The Client Journey

Pre-Customer Service Course

+ Referral
+ Screening
+ Documents check
+ Career's advice + guidance

Customer Service Course

+ Confidence building
+ English language support
+ Cultural orientation
+ Customer service training

Assessment Centre Day

+ Bespoke assessment day hosted by IKEA. The day is specially designed to accommodate the needs of refugees, as well as the barriers they face to employment.

Post-Customer Service Course

+ Potential role with IKEA
+ Improved confidence and self-esteem
+ Increased basic skill level in customer service
+ Ongoing support for at least 12 months

Note: All roles within IKEA are at London living wage (currently £9.75 per hour) and on fixed hour contracts. It is the commitment of both Breaking Barriers and IKEA to support refugees into employment that pays them adequately to help secure their long-term futures.

What our clients say about their experience...


IKEA | Kitchen Designer

"Other organisations had seminars and meetings which I did not find very useful. In a critical situation for people who come to this country, we just want to find a job. With the help of Breaking Barriers I am progressing professionally so I can strive for an even better job. Your organisation is to the point, and it is really great."



"You had a very professional road map of training and preparation leading to this successful outcome. "