Who we are

Who we are

Our Vision

We see a future for every refugee...

Our vision is that every refugee in London can integrate into their new home through employment that matches their skills, experience and desire to work.

Our Mission

Breaking Barriers is a charity whose mission is...

Breaking Barriers is a charity whose mission is to help refugees in London acquire the knowledge, confidence and experience to get stable, fulfilling employment.

Our Story

How we began..

Breaking Barriers is the brainchild of Matthew Powell who realised, while doing a Master’s degree in international development at the London School of Economics, how little support was available to help refugees integrate into society once they had been granted asylum status.  He was convinced that business had an important role to play and started by persuading a number of prominent London employers to offer work experience.  At the same time, he reached out into refugee communities and found great demand for this experience alongside advice, training and English language tuition.


Our Goals

By 2018 we hope to...

  • To grow our services to support more refugees in London.
  • To increase the breadth and depth of our services.
  • To grow the number of businesses we are partnering with.

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