Our Team

Since starting towards the end of 2014 we have grown a team of individuals passionate about helping refugees into work….

Our Team
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Matthew Powell

CEO | Founder

"I was mind-blown by the statistics - if you had told me there were 120,000 refugees with the legal right to work in the UK I wouldn't have believed you. And then to realise that 64% of them aren’t employed is very disturbing. It seemed way too obvious that there wasn’t anything out there to address this problem.  It is an issue we cannot ignore - it makes sense for everyone to successfully integrate refugees. Despite a strong desire to work, refugees are often long-term welfare dependent because of the particular barriers to employment they face. From a fiscal perspective too, it makes sense to get them off welfare and into work. They have a hell of a lot of skills, an eagerness to contribute, and can fill many skills shortages."

How does the team make sure refugees feel supported at Breaking Barriers….

Suzanne Kidd

Programme Co-ordinator

….by finding out everyone’s individual strengths and potential, to adequately support them before, during and after work placements.

Mieke Dale-Harris

Head of Programmes

….by utilising a range of networks to ensure that refugees have access to employment opportunities commensurate with their skill level.

Rebecca Thomson


….by creating and designing content that is accessible for refugees who are seeking support and guidance. Post supported by the Rank Foundation

Olivia Head

Programme Co-ordinator

….by helping our brilliant team of volunteers, who bring a diverse range of skills, to support our refugee clients searching for work in London.

Sophie Klein

Freelance Trust Fundraising Consultant

….by using my knowledge and experience from across the charity sector to build the sustainability of vital programmes supporting refugees.

Our Volunteers

Integral to our work is the support of our dedicated and passionate volunteers. Without them our work would not be possible.

Click below to see some of our volunteer opportunities.

Office Support + Employment Advisor

"It was inspiring to see the incredible positivity of the refugees who I had the pleasure to meet despite their circumstances and crucially the continuing impact which Breaking Barriers continue to have on their lives.

Madison Phipps

A London based freelance photographer, Madison volunteers for Breaking Barriers documenting the team and the work we do at Breaking Barriers.

Employment Advisor

"I now know a lot more about different job markets and also about access to higher education for refugees and asylum seekers. I’ve also improved my knowledge of different types of immigration statuses, all useful bits of information."

Employment Advisor

"VOLUNTEER! Just do it! Its an invaluable and exciting experience and you will learn a lot about the world and yourself. I am very glad I volunteered. "

Do you want to use your time and skills to help refugees find employment?

Then volunteer with the Breaking Barriers team! Our volunteers are integral to making sure refugees integrate and thrive in the UK. 

Also as a volunteer you can learn new skills and expertise knowledge, gain experience of working with a national charity, expand your CV, meet minds-alike and most importantly have fun while making a difference

Volunteer with us