Our CEO, Matt Powell - Breaking Barriers

Our CEO, Matt Powell

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The spark of an idea

Refugees and people of refugee background are four times more likely to be unemployed. Yet there is little support available to help build new lives after refugee status is granted.

That’s wrong. And it’s why I started Breaking Barriers.

Speaking to refugee communities, I was told that people were determined to be financially stable and find purpose in their work. There was great demand for work experience alongside advice, training and English language tuition. I was also convinced that business had a role to play. So the next step was to persuade leading employers to offer opportunities.

Since launching Breaking Barriers in 2015, I’m proud that we have reached more than 1,300 people in just six years. And, of those, more than half found meaningful employment, education or volunteering.

Thank you to all of our generous supporters – and to those of you who will help future refugees build new lives.

Matt Powell, CEO Breaking Barriers 

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