Could you be a Curriculum Design Volunteer at Breaking Barriers?

About Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers is a small, ambitious charity. Our vision is that every refugee in London can fulfil their potential and integrate into their new home through employment that matches with their skills and experience. We offer bespoke employment support, based on the needs of each individual client. We partner directly with businesses who provide work experience placements and deliver skills-based workshops. This support is coupled with employment support and English language and IT and Numeracy classes which prepare refugees for the workplace. 

Role Overview

This role can be completed remotely or in our office and involves working on creating an advanced module for our IT and Numeracy course which helps our refugee clients improve their IT skills preparing them for academia and the workplace. 

Breaking Barriers has worked closely with Deutsche Bank to design the beginner and intermediate modules which have been successfully running for over a year. The beginner course content includes learning about the basic functions of a computer, how to navigate the internet and job websites, create emails and an introduction to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). The intermediate course build upon this knowledge and explores the different ways Microsoft Office can be used to create documents, budgets and presentations. We go on to look at using excel as a budgeting tool and financial literacy. Classes are delivered by an experienced teacher who has knowledge of both IT and teaching English to speakers of other languages.  

With guidance from our Education Programme Coordinator you will be involved in designing the advanced module of this course which will be a progression from the intermediate module.

Skills required:

  • High proficiency in Microsoft Office and its application.  
  • Familiarity with and ability to communicate clearly about more advanced IT skills including, 
  • Word formatting techniques 
  • Use of Excell including pivot tables and Vlookup 
  • Powerpoint including inserting videos and animations 
  • Ability to build on clients existing budgeting skills from previous courses e.g. understanding loans and interest 
  • Experience of developing curriculum for ESOL learners or similar would be an advantage 
  • Initiative and creativity 
  • Alignment with BB’s mission. 
  • We particularly encourage applicants from refugee backgrounds.  

Skills required:

  • Make a genuine impact on the lives of refugees 
  • Increase understanding of the barrier’s refugees face in accessing employment in the UK 
  • Support provided from the Education Programme Coordinator  
  • Be part of a new, innovative charity which is developing all the time 

Closing date: 29th November 2019