Setting and working towards my goals – Andrew’s Story

Our client Andrew shares about how valuable he found setting goals for the future when he was in a situation that meant he was not able to work.  

“When I joined Breaking Barriers in Hammersmith the first thing I was asked was ‘What are your long-term goals?’. 

l told them l wanted to become a project manager and, together with my Employment and Integration Adviser, I worked towards this goal. My Adviser helped me to focus on the kind of roles that l needed to apply for, as well as helping me with mock interviews, and improving my cover letter and CV. I live in West London so it made a big difference for me to attend Hammersmith as it wasn’t too far to travel. 

 My Adviser helped me to access workshops to improve my interview technique and also told me about a 6-month placement opportunity with lpsos Mori. We looked at the role and job description together, and the kind of skills and knowledge I would acquire, and I realised it would be a big help in achieving my long-term goal. After the 6-months my confidence was much greater, my IT skills had improved and my communication skills are also much stronger. I was lucky enough to be offered a permanent position after my placement.  

 I owe a great deal of gratitude to Breaking Barriers for the tremendous support they provided me with. The help I received from my Adviser and through workshops really helped me regain confidence in my ability to build a career.”

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