Refugee employment forum

Take a minute to answer a question from a refugee or a business leader. It's quick, simple and could have a big impact

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Coming soon!

The forum will be live from 17-23 June 2024 for Refugee Week. 

The value of connection and conversation can be life-changing. Having the opportunity to ask questions and learn from others is a powerful way to break down barriers and open up opportunities.

That’s why, for Refugee Week, we’re starting a refugee employment forum. Refugees and business leaders alike are planning questions that they will submit to our forum (coming soon to this page), and your answers will help bring about change.

For refugees, this means learning valuable insights from anyone who works in the UK. And for business leaders, it means learning from refugees to create more inclusive and refugee-friendly workplaces.

It will be quick and simple to take part. Once the questions are live, you can just pick one or more to answer, and share your thoughts.

Anyone with a job in the UK and/or who is from a refugee background should be able to answer some, or all, of the questions. It doesn’t matter what you do, what level you’re at, or the industry you work in – everyone will have something to offer.

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