Find out what we've been up to, and discover first-hand stories from refugees, volunteers and our partners


Volunteer spotlight: Graham

Graham lives in Birmingham and volunteers with Breaking Barriers in a few different ways, running advice and guidance sessions, and also helping behind the scenes.


Adeola’s story

Originally from Nigeria, Adeola received protection in the UK after she had to flee her home country. Now she’s a community worker and self-taught crocheter who supports vulnerable mothers and their babies. This is her story.


Mariam’s story

After arriving in the UK from Sudan, Mariam has gained the confidence to pursue her dream of becoming a fantasy makeup artist. Listen to her story and watch her work on a fantasy makeup look.


Comfort’s story

In Nigeria, Comfort had her own successful business, but in the UK she had no idea how to find work. Now, with the right support system she is working as a support worker - this is her story. 


Ahmad’s story

After arriving in the UK, Ahmad experienced hardship living in limbo. Now, with a new sense of security, he is on a graduate scheme to pursue his dream. This is his story.


Daryna’s Story

From being a student in Ukraine and facing adversity as a 19-year-old female, to studying at university in the UK, this is Daryna's story.