Working in partnership

We are passionate about the role the private sector can play in supporting refugees into meaningful employment. Our partners offer funding, expertise and opportunities for our clients in the form of workshops, mentoring, paid work placements and permanent jobs. We work with companies of all sizes to develop bespoke shared-value partnerships and activities that work towards the goals of the organisation, employees, customers and community. One of the ways in which we do this is through the Fuse network.

The Fuse network brings together like-minded businesses to share best practice and collectively learn, grow and take action, to achieve more for refugees through employment in the UK.

What will Fuse achieve?

Fuse will unite like-minded businesses to create:

We will solve real barriers to employment for people from a refugee background, inform our programmes and enhance our impact.

We will amplify and celebrate the valuable contribution made by refugees, dispel myths and normalise the hiring of people from a refugee background.

We will advocate businesses to address the wider systemic barriers and open more employment
opportunities for people from a refugee background living in the UK.

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Our corporate partners

We hosted our first ever refugee work placement helping someone who hadn’t worked in over 10 years to adapt to a fast paced business environment and stand a greater chance of finding meaningful employment. We have delivered further placements and heartily encourage other companies to do the same. Working with Breaking Barriers has allowed our people to develop their coaching skills to support others, and it has been hugely rewarding to see people leaving us with increases confidence and skills ready for the next stage of their employment journey.

Karen Higgins

Head of Sustainability, Grant Thornton UK LLP

Throughout our partnership, we have conducted lunch & learn sessions, workshops on employability, numerous employee briefings, and paid six-month work placements for refugees. We have also supported two Breaking Barriers photography exhibitions sharing the inspirational stories of refugees and asylum seekers, their journeys to the UK, their lives, and their roles in essential frontline services during the pandemic. Mayer Brown is extremely proud of our ongoing partnership with Breaking Barriers and staff engagement has been key to its success. We look forward to sharing our experiences and continuing to support refugees in a challenging economic climate and evolving digital workplace.

Mehreen Malik

Pro Bono and CSR Manager, Mayer Brown