The Cause

Refugees flee from war, persecution and violence. Despite high unemployment rates, they want to rebuild their lives and contribute to the country that has given them refuge.

The Humanitarian Crisis

There are over 374,000 people living in the UK who came here as refugees, of those approximately 126,720 currently hold refugee status.

The Refugee Employment Crisis

The unemployment rate for refugees and those of refugee background is over 4x higher than the national average.

Our Clients

Refugee Support

Meet Our Clients

I was part of the Mayer Brown workshops and the experience this gave me is credit to where I am today. It gave me an insight into how an organisation works, what they are looking for in applicants and how to stand out. This experience really gave me confidence and was very unique. I haven’t come across another organisation that offers that service to refugees.



I cannot describe how getting my first paid job in London changed me. I felt like I am a new person, Breaking Barriers helped me to regain my confidence and showed me that I am capable of success in London and restored the trust in people and charities’ work.



Other organisations had seminars and meetings which I did not find very useful. In a critical situation for people who come to this country, we just want to find a job. With the help of Breaking Barriers I am progressing professionally so I can strive for an even better job. Your organisation is to the point, and it is really great.