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How the Benefact Group is breaking barriers

Benefact Group is a family of specialist financial services businesses who give all available profits to charities and good causes.


Tamsin Seymour

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What happens when an international group of companies is united by the belief that everyone benefits from better business? For the Benefact Group, the result is the Movement for Good. 

Benefact Group is a family of specialist financial services businesses who give all available profits to charities and good causes. The group is owned by a charity, and it aims to help those in areas of greatest need via grants to local, regional and national projects. 

Benefact’s grant-making is centred on the belief that “individuals reach their full potential in community and that everyone should have the opportunity to flourish”. This closely aligns with our values at Breaking Barriers and, in 2022, we were fortunate to receive a Movement for Good grant towards our Futures project for young refugees. 

This donation helped us to support 99 refugees, aged 18-25, with tailored one-to-one employment advice and guidance. Many also attended skills workshops hosted by our corporate partners, or received assistance with learning English or applying for higher education. 

The need for support among these young refugees was great. At the time they started working with Breaking Barriers, over a quarter were homeless, more than half had no immediate family in the UK, and 20% reported suffering from mental health difficulties. 

However, within just a year of our grant from Benefact, over a third of these young people had already achieved their goal of entering employment, education, volunteering or training. 

Jonathan, our Senior Employment and Integration Adviser who specialises in supporting young clients, says: “Advocating for the underdog has always been a passion of mine … Coming from a migrant background I understood how challenging it is to integrate in a new country and I am thankful to be able to share that experience with our young clients to help them avoid some of the obstacles I had to go through.” 

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Your £1,000 minute 

What is more, Benefact Group doesn’t just offer support to charities for specific projects. They also have an innovative, inclusive programme which distributes grants through draws throughout the year. 

Any UK charity is eligible for the draws, and Breaking Barriers has previously benefited from a £1,000 grant through this scheme. All it takes is for someone to nominate a charity, and they’re entered into all the regular draws for the rest of the year. The more nominations, the more chances an organisation has to win! 

If you’d like to give Breaking Barriers the chance to win £1,000, please take a minute to nominate us now. Together, you and the Benefact Group could help more refugees in the UK to build new lives. 

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