Volunteer Spotlight: Emma

Emma supports refugees by providing 1:1 bespoke employment advice for the legal sector.


Breaking Barriers

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Emma is a volunteer at Breaking Barriers on our Sector-Specific programme. Sector-specific volunteers like Emma support Breaking Barriers’ clients by providing 1:1 bespoke employment advice and guidance, using their knowledge and experience of working in the client’s preferred sector. The goal of sector-specific support is to provide valuable and experience-based employment support to help refugee clients access fulfilling roles.

Emma has been volunteering with us since May and has already completed 6 1:1 employment support sessions. She has been indispensable to our clients who are looking to break into the legal sector, by sharing her knowledge of working as a Solicitor.

This is what Emma had to say about her experience volunteering at Breaking Barriers:

“I came across Breaking Barriers when searching for a way to volunteer with refugees as a lawyer in London (without having any relevant expertise in immigration or asylum law). Working as a sector-specific volunteer allows me to use the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in my career to help clients navigate the UK’s complicated and often impenetrable legal profession.”

“I work with clients mostly on their CVs, on training contract and job applications, on interview preparation, as well as providing any other support they may need. Many of the clients I’ve worked with are highly qualified and have a wealth of experience to bring to the legal world in the UK.”

“It’s often very humbling to hear about the breadth and depth of their education and their impressive past careers, and it’s inspiring to see how hard they are willing to work to create new lives and careers for themselves after overcoming significant challenges and adversity. I’ve learned so much from working with Breaking Barriers’ clients, and it’s a privilege to assist them in trying to find meaningful employment here in the UK.” 

A huge thank you to Emma for everything you do for our clients, from the whole Breaking Barriers team.

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