Our Breaking Barriers Mascot

Meet our new Breaking Barriers mascot!

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Breaking Barriers’ mascot was created by the immensely talented Adeola. Originally from Nigeria, Adeola received protection in the UK after she had to flee her home country. She’s a community worker who supports vulnerable mothers and their babies. She’s also a self-taught crocheter who creates beautiful, cuddly characters with her needles, wool and imagination! We’re so proud to have one of Adeola’s creations as our mascot.

Every person of refugee background brings unique perspectives, skills and experiences to their new local community. And we’re delighted that Adeola – plus our new mascot – are part of the Breaking Barriers community too!

One day I was looking at a teddy, and my daughter said ‘you could make that’. So I tried, and everything sprung from there


We have big plans for the Breaking Barriers mascot

Breaking Barriers’ community is brilliantly diverse, and geographically widespread. We hope our mascot can bring us together by:

  • Hopping’ on a train between offices, joining us at supporter events and employment workshops, or even gatecrashing Board Meetings!
  • Asking the questions only a mascot can ask. Then popping up on social media and our website to share the ups, downs and stories from behind the Breaking Barriers scenes.

Just as importantly, we also hope our mascot will bring a smile to your face.

Our clients, volunteers, donors, corporate partners, and staff team all know that breaking down the barriers to meaningful employment is a serious business. But that makes finding the lighter side just as important. And we think our mascot might help to do that!


Want to find out more?

<p>Want to find out more?</p>

Adeola's story

Read Adeola's story to learn where the inspiration for our mascot came from!

Adeola’s story