‘Activating your Confidence Workshop’ led by Communications Coach Emma Zangs

When we discovered Emma Zangs, we knew she would be the perfect person to support refugees who were sharing their stories. 


Breaking Barriers

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In the lead up to the exhibition we ran a workshop for our clients involved in our 2019 Exhibition ‘Belonging’ to help them feel comfortable sharing their story and to learn skills and tips that could help them with their ongoing journeys into meaningful employment and their integration into UK society. 

Our key aims of the workshop were to help our clients: 

  • Speak about their story confidently   
  • How to deal with fears and nerves when communicating 
  • Feel at ease with being the ‘centre’ of attention or having their stories in the public eye 
  • Improve resilience   
  • Build energy, attitude and mindset to approaching difficult situations 

When we discovered Emma Zangs, we knew she would be the perfect person to deliver this workshop. 

About Emma 

Emma Zangs is a Choreographer and Movement & Communication Coach based between London and Norfolk. She holds an MA in Choreography from TrinityLaban Conservatoire and is a resident of Sadler’s Wells Artist Development Programme.  Emma works with growing and established businesses from GoCardless to Google, coach entrepreneurs in accelerators such as Farfetch Dream Assembly and give dance sessions for refugees to settle in the UK.  She lectures at Cass Business School and UCL’s Entrepreneurship MSc, and has successfully trained startups to pitch at Dragon’s Den and win the royal Pitch At Palace competition. _138_

About the workshop

 “The workshop I led for the BB clients was called ‘Activating Confidence’. We delved into exercises that can help us to retrieve confidence when we speak in public; when we get nervous during job interviews; or in new situations.  

 The workshop always starts with a bit of science behind how we communicate with one another, what matters when we communicate and what does it mean to be in ‘communication mode’. We then start moving to look at what to do with our hands, posture, eye contact but also how to enter, and exit a room. In this section, the aim is for participants to find their own way of moving that feels authentic and grounded. As my background is in choreography, the importance of movement is key when the nerves kick in or when we mind blank. We then look at the mindset and what are the thoughts and fear that stop us from being fully present. The Breaking Barriers group had the opportunity to put the techniques into practice by standing up in front of everyone to tell their story.  

 During the three hours, I could see the growth and curiosity of the participants finding their own voice. They were eager to learn techniques, constantly asking questions on how to improve personally and breaking through the fears of telling their stories in front of strangers. It was inspiring to work with such an enthusiastic group.”

What our clients said…

“I highly recommend attending this workshop. I found it very practical and helpful indeed. Emma very sincerely responded to all my questions which, to be honest, were not always within the workshop framework. Individual attention, physical activities, brilliant tips and overall Emma’s dedication to helping others are a few highlights of the workshop.” – Marsha 

A huge thank you to our corporate partner, U+I for giving us the wonderful space in their office for us to hold the workshop. It was the perfect environment and everyone was made to feel so welcome. We really appreciate your generosity!

Emma Zangs: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram