The Fuse Action Plan is here! - Breaking Barriers

The Fuse Action Plan is here!

We've created a simple tool to help businesses take action to support refugees into meaningful employment


Breaking Barriers

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With the launch of our Fuse business network, there has never been an easier or more important time to take action and unlock the potential of refugees.

Fuse exists to unite businesses in common goals to improve the lives of refugees through meaningful and sustainable employment.

At Breaking Barriers, we believe collaboration with businesses is vital to addressing the multitude of barriers people from a refugee background face to employment in the UK. We also recognise that navigating the support and hiring of refugees can be complex.

To support you and your business, we have published the Fuse Action Plan to help organisations transform this social challenge into a business opportunity that has a lasting impact not only for people from a refugee background, but for your employees, customers and community.

The Fuse Action Plan has been created as a simple tool to help businesses take action to supporting refugees into meaningful employment and foster a diverse, inclusive and thriving workplace.

Inspired by the work of our corporate partners and by combining their experience with our expertise we have developed four steps you and your business can take, regardless of size, sector or starting point.  Whilst every business is different, we believe there are some common themes that can support you on your journey to unlocking the potential of refugees.

  1. Educate – Inform yourself and your business.
  2. Collaborate – Come together across your organisation.
  3. Identify – Find the path that’s right for you.
  4. Participate – Let’s take action together.

The Fuse Action plan is full of case studies, insights and practical solutions from our corporate partners and is a great place to start understanding the simple acts any business can take to unlock the potential of refugees.

This is our call to businesses to take responsibility for driving forward a more diverse, inclusive and welcoming employment landscape for refugees in the UK. Download the Action Plan here

Download the Action Plan here.