June 2020 – May 2021 Impact Report

Find out how we’ve been supporting refugees, as well as mitigating the overall impact of the barriers they face.


Breaking Barriers

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Breaking Barriers has committed to publishing an annual impact report every year to show transparently our impact through the data and information we collect about our clients, as well as highlighting our key achievements for the year. Below are some of our successes from June 2020 – May 2021. 

Supporting our clients  

  • 184 employment, education, training, and volunteering outcomes were achieved 
  • Clients on the education programme on average participated in 7.5 hours of classes 
  • 28% of all clients entered employment, education, training, or volunteering 
  • 462 people of refugee background accessed our services. 

Working in Partnership  

  • 17 corporate partners supported our clients through work opportunities and training 
  • 26 corporate partners directly supported Breaking Barriers clients 

Hours of services delivered 

  • 2,867 hours of one-to-one employment support were delivered  
  • 1,443 hours of education classes were delivered 
  • 293 highly skilled volunteers delivered 3,145 hours of support

Click here to access the full report, which covers in more detail how we’ve been supporting clients into education and employment, as well as the barriers still encountered by refugees and the steps we’ve taken in mitigating their overall impact.