Report - Commission on the Integration of Refugees

Landmark report – Commission on the Integration of Refugees

The Refugee Commission undertook the most thorough exploration of the asylum system, these are their recommendations and our thoughts.


Dan McLean

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The report today from the Commission on the Integration of Refugees offers a frank assessment of the UK’s asylum system and charts a course for substantial reform. At Breaking Barriers, we find our work reflected in the Commission’s recommendations, particularly around the transformative power of employment and education for refugees. 

The Economic case: 

One of the report’s standout points is its economic rationale. It argues that integrating refugees into the workforce isn’t just a moral imperative but an economic one, predicting a net economic benefit of over £1 billion within five years. This strongly supports our long-held belief – supporting refugees into meaningful employment creates mutual benefits for people and the wider economy. 

Where we come in: 

  • Opening doors to employment: The Commission calls for a shorter waiting period for asylum seekers to work and wider job access, beyond the Shortage Occupation List, and tailored support to find jobs. We’re in step with this, partnering with businesses to forge meaningful and accessible roles, enabling refugees to leverage their skills and talents across a myriad of industries. 
  • Language is a lifeline: Highlighting the immediate need for English language training, the report underscores this as critical for successful integration. Our programmes go beyond basic language skills, focusing on vocational English that prepares refugees for specific roles in the workforce, enhancing their employability and confidence. 
  • Community at the core: The recommendation for Welcome Hubs resonates with our approach to creating a supportive ecosystem around refugees. These hubs, envisioned as local centres for integration and support, align with our projects that connect refugees with local services, community groups, and educational opportunities, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support. 

Let’s turn the Commission’s recommendations into impactful realities, creating a future where every refugee can thrive. Join us in this mission to make a tangible difference. 

Business Behind Refugees: Align your goals with impactful action by partnering with us. Companies like LinkedIn, Microsoft, Barclays, Bank of America, Mayer Brown, Cummins, Barbri, the CareTech Foundation, and Ipsos Mori have already joined us in creating meaningful employment opportunities for refugees, enriching their teams with diverse talents and perspectives. There’s a significant opportunity for your organisation to play a pivotal role in this transformative journey. 

Stay informed: Keep up to date with our initiatives and the inspiring stories of the individuals we support. Sign up for our newsletter and explore our resources to deepen your understanding of the refugee experience and how we can collectively facilitate their integration into society. 

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