Murat and Sarah’s story - Breaking Barriers

Murat and Sarah’s story

How Murat excelled in his placement at Western Union , even though his manager was based in the USA



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Western Union Business Solutions and Breaking Barriers have been in partnership since 2018. Western Union has hosted multiple skill-building workshops for Breaking Barriers clients in topics such as interview skills, confidence in presenting yourself and a LinkedIn masterclass. Western Union has also hosted six paid Academy placements for our clients from refugee backgrounds, in roles including Finance, Project Management, Data, Marketing and Operations.

The Breaking Barriers Academy Programme is designed to provide clients with work experience that will help them to become job-ready in their chosen field. We work collaboratively with businesses to develop six-month, part-time or full-time paid placements for clients who would benefit from experience in a UK workplace to move them closer to securing a permanent, meaningful role, by building their skills, experience and confidence.

Murat, one of our clients who has been accessing our employment and education services since Summer 2019, has been on placement at Western Union since November 2019 in a Project Management role and despite his manager, Sarah, being in the USA, has successfully built up a strong working relationship which has meant he is thriving in his role. On top of this, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Murat has been working from home for the past 9 months and has adapted brilliantly to the circumstances. Watch this video to hear Murat and Sarah’s story and how they have managed to create a successful placement opportunity for Murat.