Ramadan Reflections from Breaking Barriers

Ramadan Mubarak to our wonderful community of refugees, staff, volunteers, partners and supporters.


Breaking Barriers

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Breaking Barriers has supported over 1300 refugees from 70 different countries in the past six years, and 588 of our clients, from countries including Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Iran, identify as Muslim. This means that Ramadan is hugely important to us at Breaking Barriers. Our wider BB Community of staff members, volunteers, donors and businesses are hugely diverse too, and we’re all united by our belief that every refugee deserves the opportunity to fulfil their potential and integrate into society through meaningful employment.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of prayer, fasting, reflection and community. This year, Breaking Barriers is excited to be shining a light on the importance of Ramadan to our BB Community by sharing with you some of their individual stories throughout the month! We want to support those of us who are fasting and give space for reflection and learning from each other during this important month.   

Central to Ramadan are acts of generosity to support others, and if you’re observing Ramadan we’d love you to consider spreading the word about our work or donating Sadaqah to Breaking Barriers at this critical time for refugee communities. 

Here’s how you can get involved during Ramadan, learn more about this special month and also support refugee communities:  

  • Share your well wishes with our BB Muslim community on Flipgrid. And hear from our community what they’re most looking forward to this Ramadan.
  • Follow our Ramadan Reflections on social media throughout the month – you’ll hear from different voices in our BB Community and we’d love you to engage with them and join the conversation! 
  • Donate to Breaking Barriers – this is a critical time for refugee communities and we’re grateful for all donations, Sadaqah or otherwise, to help us be there for all who need us
  • Volunteer with Breaking Barriers – we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to help us provide direct employment support to our clients, especially if you speak our target languages including Arabic, Farsi, Pashto and Dari.  

Ramadan Mubarak to our wonderful BB Community, and thank you for believing in what we do and supporting us!