Refugee Week 2018: #6 Play with 20


lndie Foolheea

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To celebrate 20 years of Refugee Week, the #simpleacts campaigns is about getting everyone involved to show their support and solidarity through creative challenges. For number 6, you have the number twenty and that is it. So we decided to show you what you can do to support refugees in 20 seconds, minutes, hours and days. Read on to find out all the ways …
20 seconds: Donate to a charity that supports refugees

Donating has never been easier! If you’re thinking of supporting a project or cause, it’s so easy to do so online. A button or page to donate is all you need to make a payment to something you believe in.

20 minutes: Spark a conversation and get to know someone

In just 20 minutes you can get to know someone whilst volunteering at one of our Advice and Guidance centres.Just a short conversation can get you acquainted with a client you’re about to advise, knowing where they are on their journey to employment.

20 hours: Learn enough phrases to hold a conversation

Our clients learn English gradually to support them in their new environment and help them feel more comfortable. In the same way, if you spend 30 minutes to an hour at a time to learn basic phrases, you could easily hold a conversation in a language that isn’t your own. Being able to share just a few kind words with someone is priceless.

20 days: Become a fully-fledged BB Volunteer

This is the time it takes to become a well acquainted volunteer at our Advice and Guidance centres. It’s also a good length of time to really see the difference you’re making with each appointment you have with clients. From helping with their CV, searching for jobs with them and nailing their interview. So you see, you can make a difference in a way that suits you! Whether you have seconds, minutes, hours or days. Read more about volunteering with us here.

Words by: lndie Foolheea