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Anthony Mofunanya

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Monthly Motivation | Anthony Mofunanya

This month we asked our client Anthony “what advice have you found really helpful when searching, applying and interviewing for jobs?”. Our guest writer shares advice on how to prepare for an interview and for your first day in a new job. Read more to find out how Anthony stays motivated by looking for the opportunities that lie within every new day…


To acclimatise within the workplace and wider society in general, there is a need to have a contributive mindset. Usually, the question will be: what can I contribute, what can I give, what can I do, and what can I learn, within my workplace, within my immediate society to make others lives easier? Having received so much from others, attitude should be to be of value to others no matter how little; in that way, you make your life more valuable. You will then become an asset to the society in which you find yourself.

Arriving for my first day at work, I will have can do attitude having done proper homework regarding the company in general and my role in particular. There will be no need to be uptight though you can be curious, eager to absorb as much as possible during the induction and thereafter.

For someone applying for jobs on the internet, I will advise the person to adopt the job hunting principle called “ABC” (i.e. Any job, Better job and then Career). It means that while hunting for a job, no matter your level of education and your previous career and your present career goal, it is better to first go for any job. While you are doing the any job, you can still be, acquiring, training and/or studying for new skills and actively looking for a better job. Having found a better job, you can now start to work towards securing the career job, the dream job. Of course, it does not have to be in this order.

When preparing for CV and Cover Letter for any job, it is very important to familiarise yourself with the job specification and the person specification and then tailor the CV and Cover Letter to address them with examples from the previous experiences. Giving examples of how you meet the specifications is a core part of an outstanding CV and Cover Letter.

In the same line, while preparing for an interview, you need to research the company very thoroughly. If you have the name(s) of the interviewers, you can also research them on the internet to know about them too. It is then essential for study once again the job specifications and person specifications together with your CV and Cover letter and all the examples that you gave in relation to these specifications. On the day of the interview, it is essential to dress according to the role applied for and to arrive 10 to 5 minutes earlier and not to arrive too early nor to arrive late. It is recommended that you arrive at least 30 minutes or more before the time near the place of the interview, planning this way helps you to avoid any traffic eventuality but then to go in within the above suggested times. In this way, you can give yourself time to relax and if needed rehearse what you have prepared.


While I am at work, I am usually motivated and stay positive by seeing every day as my learning and contribution opportunity. It means that I come to work looking forward to what I will contribute to help in the progress of the company in which I am working and what I will learn to help in bettering myself. Again, I usually decide to enjoy my work whether it is any job, a better job or career. I enjoy every colleague I work with because of my adopted mindset which is no matter their attitude towards me, positive or negative; they are of help for me to become better.

My experience at work has been very good. I am very grateful to the mentorship, encouragement, training opportunities and courses that I have been in through the help of Breaking Barriers. It has helped me in not only enjoying my work experience but also in adapting very well within the workplace.

Written by: Anthony Mofunanya