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Three new partners!

We are proud to welcome three new, exciting and innovative partnerships with Macquarie, Paypal and St. Giles Hotels!


Lily Yohannes

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Imagine arriving in the UK for the first time, full of hope but facing a daunting new reality. Language barriers, lack of networks, and cultural differences make finding employment really difficult. That’s why refugees are 4x more likely to be unemployed. 

This is where Breaking Barriers steps in, breaking down barriers through one-to-one advice and guidance sessions for refugees and also, our powerful partnerships. 

Today, we’re thrilled to welcome three new and exciting corporate partners:  Macquarie, Paypal and St. Giles Hotels. These partnerships will strengthen our ability to empower refugees and unlock their potential, creating a ripple effect of positive change. 

Here’s what to expect: 


We are excited to launch a 3-year partnership with Macquarie to support our refugee clients across all 5 Breaking Barriers locations – London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Glasgow.  

Their funding will fuel our core operations to help us scale and reach the growing demand for our service across the UK. Ensuring refugees nationwide have access to vital support. 

Together, we’ll be working to create incredible opportunities, including volunteering, staff engagement, employee fundraising and hiring opportunities. 


Breaking Barriers is one of 77 global nonprofits selected by a staff vote in PayPal to receive a generous grant from the Community Impact Team so that we can continue our work with supporting refugees into meaningful employment.  

During our year as one of PayPal’s charity partners, we’ll collaborate on engaging PayPal staff in fundraising initiatives and raising awareness about the experiences of refugees in the UK. 

It doesn’t stop there! PayPal employees will also have the opportunity to directly support and impact Breaking Barriers clients by volunteering their skills through one-to-one advice, guidance, and mentoring sessions. 

St Giles Hotels 

We are thrilled to welcome a multi-year partnership with the St Giles Hotel Group’s Hotels with Heart Foundation. Over the coming years – between now and 2030, we will be working together to support our refugee clients into meaningful careers.  

This partnership unlocks a wealth of opportunities through staff fundraising events and generous donations, as well as providing hiring opportunities at their hotels and employability workshops to upskill our clients to access roles in the hospitality sector, supported by passionate St Giles Hotel volunteers.  

At the end of the month, St Giles Hotels are also running their first academy with Saira Hospitality. Entirely funded by Hotels with Heart, the academy will recruit up to 20 candidates including Breaking Barriers clients, who have been affected by homelessness and housing precarity, matching them up with leading hoteliers and hospitality recruiters with a guaranteed interview and recognised certifications and training over 3 weeks.

These three partnerships are an example of the unique, innovative, and limitless ways in which businesses can work with us to help refugees find meaningful employment. 

We play a unique role as a specialist refugee employment charity because we understand the barriers that refugees face and also, the barriers that employers face which allows us to work with businesses to help them meaningfully, and sustainably, support refugees.  

We are excited to see the impact we create together through these fantastic partnerships! 

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