Volunteer Spotlight: Sabrina Siudmak

Sabrina is an Advice and Guidance volunteer, who began supporting clients in London in 2019 and has recently been supporting Breaking Barriers with regional expansion by delivering 1:1 employment support to new clients in Birmingham.


Breaking Barriers

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My name is Sabrina Siudmak, I’ve worked at Breaking Barriers as an Advice and Guidance volunteer since 2019. I am granddaughter to migrant grandparents who came to the UK for a better life. My surname is given by my fathers Polish ancestry, my mother is a migrant born in Kenya with Indian heritage. My parents separated when I was a baby due to racism which has caused me to have strong feelings toward all forms of discrimination and racism. I believe everyone deserves choice and fair treatment anywhere in the world they go.

My passion for many years has been to mentor and coach people. I love to learn and I believe in continuous growth to keep your skills fresh and your mind active. I have an extensive background working in corporate office environments in IT, HR, Insurance, Business Management, Project Management, Talent Development. I now run my own recruitment agency supporting inclusive employers to hire diverse candidates.

I have enjoyed volunteering for multiple refugee charities since 2018, including Breaking Barriers. I find it very rewarding to help someone search and apply for jobs and create a CV. The job market is very competitive and it can feel very overwhelming for those that don’t speak English as a first language. I see the struggles people face and I love to do my best to guide others to prosperity and happiness.

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