The Humanitarian Crisis

The UK is home to over 374,000 refugees approximately and there are over 20,000 new applications every year for refugee status. Refugees flee to the UK in fear; they flee from persecution; they flee from unimaginable suffering; they flee from war. Despite high unemployment levels, the great majority have a desire to contribute to the country that has given them refuge.

When people set foot on UK soil they are not free. They are at the mercy of a bureaucratic system that provides only the most basic support and does not allow paid work. If people make it through this challenging system and are granted refugee status, they remain trapped by their circumstances on benefits or in low paid work that doesn’t utilise their skills. Refugees are forced to navigate a new city, job market, culture and language, often with no support network meaning they are left to face these barriers on their own.

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The Refugee Employment Crisis

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