What do people or employers never ask about your refugee experience, and that you hope people would understand better?

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      Ghassan Karian

        My name is Ghassan Karian and I’m the Founder and CEO at Ipsos Karian and Box.

        My question is: What do people or employers never ask about your refugee experience, and that you hope people would understand better?


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        Alfred Dubs

          It’s important for people to understand the appalling conditions that refugees are fleeing – war, persecution, death.

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          Emily Carter

            Companies speak a lot about supporting refugees but they don’t understand that although refugees have many good qualifications, they don’t have references for example. Also, most people here when they see someone with a foreign name they don’t even give them a chance, which led some people to change their names.

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            Sophia Nguyen

              I come from Hong Kong, and I’ve heard that many people from there come to the UK to find a job but struggle to do so. They become unhappy because they need to earn money for their families, and some even return to Hong Kong. I know the UK is very different, especially regarding employment. In Hong Kong, the job market is fast-paced and they need people urgently. For example, employers in the UK might take a month or longer to get back to you, while in Hong Kong they’d let you know within a week. I know that finding a job in the UK requires patience but the waiting period can be very stressful for refugees. I would suggest doing more volunteer work to improve your English while you wait for job opportunities.

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              Jack Thompson

                I think employers need to ask about our past experiences. Even though we speak different languages, we are part of the same world and we still have the same skills that can be helpful here. I think employers should be more patient with refugees. I have to learn about a new culture and working style, for example. Just give us opportunities and we can learn. In Hong Kong, the government gives incentives for hiring people from different minorities or people with disability. UK government needs to encourage this and companies will follow.

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                Benjamin Harris

                  It’s important for people in HR, to know what refugees have gone through. Refugees are demonised but why blame a refugee for getting a job that Brits didn’t want in the first place. We are often just seen as aliens.

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                  Olivia Ramirez

                    People ask for UK experience, but how are you going to get UK experience when you are not given the opportunity? Secondly, I find, many times, you have to start all over again. Everything you have done for the last 20/25 years, somebody sees it as trash. When you come to the UK, they expect you to have a professional qualification from the UK to validate your skills. However, that doesn’t not always mean that you will be given a chance. You have to get a job that is below your level. When companies say they want to give Refugees an opportunity, it is always low-level opportunities. They are also still profiling refugees, covert and overt discrimination. Sometimes implicit, sometimes explicit. Wanting opportunities to have hands on experience, most places don’t have that doorway to establish their skills because without those, you lack the confidence to be in that marketplace. There are issues around organisations wanting to hirer other people. Fluency in English. An employer in the past said I can’t have a job because I have an accent.​

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                      The waiting time for any job is quite long. Everything is very slow for a person who needs money quickly to pay for his needs. I think the recommendations in this case are meaningless.

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