Together, we are enabling refugees in London to fulfil their potential.

Finding a job is important for integration into a new culture and society, but the journey towards this goal is complex, challenging and different for every refugee. Our programmes deliver far more than a job to our clients - improving their confidence, reducing their stress and creating opportunities for social interaction with new people. These benefits are also felt by our corporate partners, who see changing attitudes towards refugees among their staff.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Since the beginning, we've been driven by the outcomes and experiences of our clients. Our flexible and responsive monitoring systems, developed in partnership with University College London, track the journeys of clients towards employment and integration as well as their transitions into employment. We use what we learn about these journeys to inform our support of individual clients, as well as influencing our programmes more widely and showing our impact to our partners.

Democractic Republic of Congo*


"I want to say thank you to Breaking Barriers for the help they gave me. I was a very shy person and I wasn't confident but with your help and advice, I have improved a lot. I am confident now and I can give my opinion to people. Your support and guidance is really important to us. I really appreciate everything you have done for me and I encourage you to help other refugees. Thank you."