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You’re unique, and we need you

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You’re unique. Nobody else on earth has exactly your skills, experience, knowledge and talents. No one else has the same goals, hopes and dreams as you.

The same is true of every refugee in the UK. And, by bringing your unique perspective to Breaking Barriers, you could help someone who’s faced the unimaginable to build a new life.

It only takes a minute to share your email address (another thing that’s unique about you!) And we’ll keep you up-to-date with all the ways you can help refugees find meaningful employment.


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What we do

Our expert advisors and volunteers offer support on everything from writing a first CV to preparing for that daunting job interview. From the subtleties of UK work culture to the different routes into a profession.

We also offer English language classes – from beginner to professional – and IT and digital skills training. Meanwhile, through our corporate partners, refugees can gain advice, paid work placements, and fulfilling job opportunities.

Our mission is to ensure every refugee can access employment that is meaningful for them. And, together, we’re working resolutely towards that goal.

Why this matters

Refugees flee from war, persecution, and violence. Many, like Susan, have lost their families, their homes, their livelihoods. When you’ve faced all this, how do you start to heal?

And, sadly, yet more hardship may be waiting in the UK. A new country. Often a new language. An unfamiliar work culture. Refugees are four times more likely to be unemployed, and they may face these overwhelming challenges alone.

That’s why Breaking Barriers exists. With our support, and her own resilience and determination, Susan has now found a secure job she loves. She can pay her rent and bills. She has independence. And she says, every day, work puts a smile on her face.

How you can help

Perhaps you’d like to volunteer to offer one-to-one career advice? Or maybe you could help create job opportunities for refugees?

You might want to fund life-changing employment guidance and English classes? Or perhaps you’d like to spread the word that refugees deserve the chance to fulfil their potential?

Whatever your interests. Whatever your own goals. We’d love to welcome you to the movement that’s Breaking Barriers for refugees across the UK.

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When you've lost everything, work heals. Help more refugees like Susan build new lives.

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Some photos are for representation purposes, and names have been changed, to protect individual privacy