Leave a gift in your Will

Securing the future for refugees following in your footsteps

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A gift in your Will helps secure the lives of people you love. A gift in your Will can also rebuild the lives of refugees to secure their family’s futures.

You can put Breaking Barriers in your Will after remembering those you love. We are happy to come second in your Will!

We put refugees first and always will. We welcome every gift and will use that gift for the benefit of refugees following in your footsteps.

Can you imagine fleeing your home in fear, leaving everything behind to start again in a new country? Can you imagine not knowing the language and facing months and years of waiting to find out if you can stay, all the while not being able to work to support yourself?

Your legacy to Breaking Barriers will enable refugees to find meaningful employment so that they can build a new life. The impact lasts way beyond their lifetime for the benefit of their future families.  The impact of your gift will last for generations.

Breaking Barriers is the first refugee employment charity. Rebuilding lives. Step by step. And we yearn to be here way beyond my own lifetime. I believe in our future and have put a gift in my Will because I am 100% certain we will always be needed. Will you join me?

Matt Powell, Founder of Breaking Barriers

How to leave a gift

  1. You can leave Breaking Barriers a gift of any size: 1% (you can leave us any percentage which suits you) ensures that those you love inherit the remaining 99%. Or, if you prefer, you can leave us a cash gift – whatever is affordable for you.
  2. The simple step you have to take is to decide the type and size of your gift.
  3. The only information needed by your Will writer is our charity name and number:
  • Breaking Barriers
  • Registered Charity Number: 1161901

If you decide to remember Breaking Barriers in your Will – thank you so much.

Please contact Andrew Fordham if you would like to discuss a gift in your Will to Breaking Barriers by email at [email protected] 

Useful Information

  • If you do not have a Will, we can send a list of solicitors local to you who regularly draft Wills. We are not allowed to recommend a specific solicitor.
  • If you already have a Will and decide you would like to remember Breaking Barriers in your Will, please ask your adviser about adding a Letter of Wishes – it is quick and easy to do.
  • A gift in your Will is also likely to save inheritance tax on your estate. Usually this means a tax saving of £4,000 for every £10,000 you leave us but please seek professional advice on this to learn more.
  • Do you have to tell us of your gift? No you do not. But if you tell us we can say thank you, which we like to do!
  • As a charity we are not allowed to give legal advice, but we are happy to answer any other questions.