Stories - Breaking Barriers


Find out what we've been up to, and discover first-hand stories from refugees, volunteers and our partners


Volunteer Spotlight: Renee

Renee volunteers with us as an English teacher. Her help has been vital in ensuring our refugee clients receive the English support they need to integrate in the UK.


Q&A from Arash

'...don’t think of refugees as people who are not able to handle or manage things. Believe in them and give them a chance.'


Andrew’s Story

My advice for the LGBTQ+ refugees in the UK is to learn to love yourself first.


Loujean’s journey

When I reflect on the word healing, to me it means to be free, to be myself, to be strong and to be independent.



We should all feel safe to be who we are, and love who we love, without fear of punishment or discrimination.  


A new, bespoke employment pathway for refugees

Our partnership with the CareTech Foundation aims to simultaneously reduce high unemployment rates among refugees and decrease high vacancy rates in the health and social care sector.